Mantra For Reunion With Husband

Mantra For Reunion With Husband

Mantra For Reunion With Husband, Wives facing difficulty in marital relationships can chant “mantra for reunion with husband”. These mantras help to glorify the lost relationship. Relationships are ruined due to day to day quarrels. The sweet relationship goes through wear and tear. It almost ends the relationship.

Mantra For Reunion With Husband
Mantra For Reunion With Husband

Women’s life is incomplete without her husband. Women always want to repair her relationship with husband. They want to reunite with him. Createa perfect harmony by chanting “Mantra for husband wife improve good relationship”.

Krishna Gayatri Mantra is the supreme mantra for improving husband-wife relationship.

“Om Sri Krishanaa Vidmaahaee


Taanno Vishanu Praachaodaayaatha”

It has the following benefits:

  1. This mantra is for wives to reunite with their misbehaving husbands.
  2. This mantra removes harshness from the relationship.
  3. It establishes peace between the couple.
  4. The mantra increases love between the couples. It brings back the husband to the wife.

Regular recitation of this mantra brings back the lost charm in the relationship. Husband and wife set aside their differences. They compromise for the betterment of the relationship.

Problems of marital life faced by women:

  1. A sweet relationship may not work due to external influences.
  2. The husband may be influenced by the other members of the family.
  3. He does not properly behave with the wife.
  4. The husband could be engaged in extra-marital affair.

To get help in such cases wives chant “mantra for husband to listen to wife”.

“Narasimha Mantra” is for womanto make her husband listen to her.

They can recite the mantra to:

  1. Get hold of their husband
  2. Rejuvenates the lost love in the relationship
  3. The husband surrenders in front of his wife

Read the mantra below:

“Namaste narasimhayaprahladahladadayine


Ito nrisimhahparatonrisimhoyatoyatoyamitatonrisimhah


“Swayamvara Parvathi mantra”

Lord Shiva is the God of husband-wife relationship. He has the power to act to reply the wife’s prayers. He himself had united with Shakti. Shiva-Shakti is the idol of husband-wife ideology in Hindu belief.

Anyone who worships Lord Shiva can win over her husband.

Read the mantra below to reunite with your husband:





This is also regarded as a “husband wife problem solution mantra“. This is an “Adi Shankara charya Mantra” to remove distances between husband and wife.

Facts of the mantra:

  1. Rishi Durbasha also has given mantra to save marriages from falling apart
  2. “Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra”is believed to be chanted by Parvati to win over Lord Shiva
  3. She became Lord Shiva’s wife due to the effects of such mantra chanting.

Positive benefits of this mantra:

  1. This is one of the most powerful mantra to remove every marital hindrances.
  2. It builds up a strong relationship between the couple.
  3. It deny possibilities of divorce.
  4. The wife can establish a loving relationship with her husband by chanting the mantra one lakh times.

SwayamvaraparvathiMoola Mantra:

Om HreemYoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga BhayankariSakalaSthavara

JangamasyaMukhaHridayam Mama VasamakarshaAkarshayaNamaha”

“Swayamvara Parvathi mantra”does the following miracles:

  • It improves the husband-wife relationship.
  • It promotes a happy married life.
  • It increases positive vibrations and love between couples.
  • It matches the wavelength of the husband and wife.
  • It develops understanding between them.
  • It avoids split between the couple.
  • The mantra establishes harmony in the relationship.
  • It removes day to day issues between the couple.

Regular Swayamvara Parvathi mantra chanting improves their sex life. It is one of the most powerful “mantra for reunion with husband”.

Krishna Slokas

Bad phase of marital relationship:

Many relationship sour due to lack of understanding between the couple. The relationship becomes bitter after few years. These things create misunderstanding between the couple. They part from one another. They start living away from one another.

Benefits of chanting Krishna Sloka:

  1. Krishna slokas increase the tranquility and harmony in marital relationship.
  2. It establishes stability in disturbed marital life.
  3. Daily recitation of Krishna slokas brings harmony in the husband-wife relationship.

Our society is tough for women separated from their husbands. It is necessary to chant the “mantra for reunion with husband” to bring the husband back.

Necessity of marital reunion:

  1. It is utmost necessary to repair misunderstandings between the couple.
  2. Mutual understanding is the first stepping stone for a successful marital life.
  3. Mantra power can rule out the bad events in the life of the married couple.

Read the following mantra to increase mutual understanding.

Om KleemKrishnayGovindayNamaha

Om KleemKrishnayAchyuthayNamaha

Om KleemKrishnayMadhavayNamaha

Om KleemKrishnayGopiipriyayNamaha

Facts and powers of the manta:

  1. This mantra is a prayer to the Supreme Lord.
  2. It requests the Lord to take away all the marital worries.
  3. It seeks for a blessed married life to the couple.
  4. Mantra power is released through the intensity of the reciter.

Mantra chanting releases positive vibrations that strongly reaches the universe and comes back fruitfully. It is all about the intensity of the wife with which she recites these mantras.

Separated couples greatly wants to come back to each other. The wife makes the first move to reunite with her husband in most cases. She finds ways to reunite with her husband.

The following mantra reunites estranged husbands and wives. It brings the couples together who are living apart from each other. It rules out possibilities of divorce in separated couples. The mantra converts hatred into love and connects hearts of the couple.





Blessings of the mantra:

  • This mantra keeps the husband and wife together forever.
  • It destroys every obstacles between the couple.
  • The mantra builds up trust between them.
  • It increases intimacy between couples.
  • Itshould be chanted along with the following mantra to get more positive results of this mantra.

Results of read this mantra 108 times every day:

  1. It attracts your husband towards you.
  2. This will make your husband fall in love with you.
  3. Physical and mental intimacy grows in between the couple by regular recitation of this mantra.
  4. Couples realizes each other’s importance by the effects of this mantra.

Chant the above mantas after complete ablution. Ablution means purification of mind and body. Deep belief in the mantras assures fast and better results.

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