Totka To Get Lost Love Back

Totka To Get Lost Love Back

Totka To Get Lost Love Back

Totka To Get Lost Love Back use for love attraction, We will give you most strong lal kitab totke to get love back. If you have husband related problems then use our totka for getting love of husband and enjoy happy marriage life.

Totka To Get Lost Love Back
Totka To Get Lost Love Back

First of all, write this mantra on a brown color leaf. Furthermore, crush the leaf, put it in water for 3 hours. And pour this water to a coconut tree. This is very effective totka to get lost love back.

‘Aham bhootami guhyante

Namo chara raghu sadama

Namah chayanti purvante

Bhujo bhagner shata bhuka’

Mahesh used to study in BCom. Furthermore, he used to play guitar. Once he was playing guitar in front of his friends in the college. And he saw that there was a new girl that sat there and was listening to his guitar. Later she came to him and introduced herself.

Furthermore, she said she liked his guitar skills. Mahesh liked it. He asked her name; it was Malati. Malati was a cute girl and a new admission in college. Mahesh’s friends knew Malati because she used to stay in their neighborhood.

Mahesh started talking more to Malati. They used to hang out more. Their friends realized the attraction between them. They used to tease them. Finally, they declared that they are into a relationship. Everyone cheered them and got happy for them.

Suddenly one day somebody told Malati something wrong about Mahesh that he was flirting with other girls. Malati got furious. She didn’t even confront Mahesh. She right away stopped talking to him. Mahesh had no clue.

He didn’t know what to do. Mahesh tried so many different ways, but they didn’t work. He got depressed. Then somebody gave him totka to get lost love back. Mahesh used it, and now they are back together.

Lal Kitab Totke To Get Love Back

‘Same karo me samapa nru banye

Rhungo satabe makaram samukta

Same maro me saguna tapume

Sate kuru shatako digheragha’

First of all, write this mantra on a red color paper. Red color represents love. Make sure your ink is pink. You have to write it on both sides. Then make four folds in such a way that all four folds are one over each other.

Dip this paper half in water. Let the ink fade in the water. Remove the paper and bury it near santoshi mata temple. Use the water and put it to the rose bush. This is one of the most effective lal Kitab totke to get love back.

Shagun was an adorable and nice girl. She used to study 2nd year junior college. Their exams were near, so she used to sit in the library with her friends. They every day used to come to the library on the same table at the same time.

There was another boy Rahul, who also used to go to the library every day. They started knowing each other. He was senior and cute. She started liking him. Rahul began sitting on the same table. They used to have lunch together. Later they found themselves in love with each other.

Later Rahul got fewer marks in the exam, and he suddenly stopped talking to Shaun. Shagun knew the reason, but that was not the solution for getting good marks.

She tried talking to him, but it did not work. Then she used lal Kitab totke to get love back. Finally, Rahul became normal and also studied hard. Rahul passed with flying colors.

Totka For Love Attraction

‘Chinta mani che samapa kuru me

Sate sarome kamapa suru che

Bharomi swaha savotu maro che

Ghaaro cha sarvam sagate namoche.’

First of all, chant, this mantra is going near to a large water body. Make sure it is a large lake, a massive flow of water of the river, or even an ocean. You have to make sure there are fish in the water. Fish represents the planet Saturn, and it has a significant impact on the attraction.

And fish are rare when it is a small water body like a pond etc. and the amount of fish also impacts the effect of totka for love attraction. You have to face northeast direction. Stand on your one foot, touch your another feed to your first foot. Spread your hands in northwest and southeast direction.

Close the eyes, feel the breeze coming from the water. This would empower you, and in this state, if you chant this mantra, it will have an immensely positive impact on your love life.

This is the totka used by so many persons, and it had worked wonders for them. If you use it, you will feel relieved and fresh too. You would not need to worry about how and when you would get a particular girl.

Make sure while you are using this or performing this totka for love attraction, you do not wear any metal on your body because minerals absorb the energy from you and leave it in the air.

Also, make sure you have a partition between your feet and the soil. It would be wood, leaf, your footwear, etc. because it prevents your power from going down in the soil.

Totka Forgetting The Love of Husband

‘Jame tarome unama duronche

Wamev sarvam ogalam paruche

Vadehi lome kamachu parume

Mane va bharatu wasapa lobe.’

Write this mantra on a piece of white paper. Now, this totka forgetting the love of a husband is difficult but can give astonishing results. First of all, you have to make your appearance purely according to our cultural norms for a married woman.

Wear kumkum, 12 bangles of green color on both of your hands. Do not use any oil or any other cosmetic look enhancers. You can use fragrance if you want but no visually enhancing stuff.

Similarly, wear a proper red color saree. Again, no visually enticing embroidery, designs, mirrors, flowers, laces, etc. Red color represents love, and the green color of your bangles represents your loyalty and bond with your husband.

There are many taaveez, pendant or threads that people use. If you are using any such things, do not wear it. Also, do not wear any jewelry that women wear on their necks. Your neck should only represent your husband’s sign; that is why you should wear only mangalsutra.

That is a must for any married woman. Make sure it has an appropriate combination of golden and black color buds, and it has a proper length according to astrology. (according to astrology it should not be less than 20 inches in diameter.

Carry the paper on which you had written that mantra. And sit under any big tree. Finally, chant this mantra 109 times. This is how you use totka forgetting the love of a husband.

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