How To Hypnotize Someone To Tell The Truth

How To Hypnotize Someone To Tell The Truth

How To Hypnotize Someone To Tell The Truth

How To Hypnotize Someone To Tell The Truth or mantra to make someone tell the truth can be called totke to get someone to tell the truth about cheating. Solve your problems like how to make someone confess their feelings? A pendulum is drooling in front of the eyes in a light-lit room. A voice is giving you directions. You are feeling sleepy. Hypnosis or Sam-Mohan is shown in this way in the movies, although it is different from this.

How To Hypnotize Someone To Tell The Truth
How To Hypnotize Someone To Tell The Truth

There may be more questions, but what is the truth of hypnosis, and what is its secret? Today in this article, we will learn about how to hypnotize someone to tell the truth. The Red book of astrology is a treasure of knowledge where you will find all kinds of tantra-mantras. If you want to hypnotize someone to tell the truth, then you can follow the remedy given in the Red Book. You have to do the following methods for this: –

  • To recite the mantra to hypnotize someone either before sunrise or at night. After the end of the chanting period of 21 days, Puja and Havana must be done.
  • During the chanting period, take vegetarian food only. Otherwise, this mantra will not be effective.
  • During the period of mantra chanting, one should not even take water from someone else’s house.
  • To hypnotize someone to tell the truth, during the hypnosis mantra’s chanting, offer any fruit or sweets to the person’s choice and feed this prasad to that person.

Hypnosis Mantra– Om Namo Bhag-wate Kam-De-VA-Yi Shri Sarva-Jan-Priya Sarv-jan Sam-Moh-naye ku-ru ku-ru Swa-ha Nam:

A person can be kept hypnotized for a long time by accomplishing the above mantra. This hypnotize mantra is so powerful that a person will not hide anything from you due to its effect.

Mantra To Make Someone Tell The Truth

Mantra To Make Someone Tell The Truth, We are going to discuss here the “mantra to make someone tell the truth.” Knowing how to manage someone to speak the truth is a significant skill to have. This skill can help you in many of your situations. However, it requires some practice, patience, and confidence on your part. You will have to practice some mantras for this. These mantras are called hypnosis or Vashikaran mantras in astrology.

Everyone wants to know about Vashikaran or hypnosis, but he does not understand it in the absence of the right information. The question arises whether any problems can be overcome by hypnosis? Can any power and accomplishment be attained through hypnosis? Different types of hypnotic or Vashikaran mantras are mentioned in astrology. By using these mantras, you can control anyone, and you can know any secret.

Vashikaran Mantr :- Jwa-la Jwa-la, Pra-Jwa-la Pra-Jwa-la, han-han, vad-vad, tap-tap Namo-Namo Sam-Mohe Sam-Mohe mam Va-shyam kru-ru Swa-ha.

Method- The mantra mentioned above should be chanted 108 times daily for 21 days, either before sunrise or at midnight, with true mind and meditation. After 21 days of chanting, worship and Havan should be done. After Havan, feed Prasad with whom you want to know the truth. By eating this Prasad, that person will come under your control. Now you can ask whatever you want. This mantra’s special thing is that this mantra has no negative effect and its influence also lasts for a long time.

How To Make Someone Confess Their Feelings?

How To Make Someone Confess Their Feelings? Have you ever found yourself in a position to have feelings for a man, but you don’t know if he feels the same way? In such a situation, you think about the way that man confesses his feelings to you. After all, humans are very complex emotional beings. They barely express their feelings. As a result, it can prove to be very disappointing for you. Today you will learn through this article that “How to make someone confess their feelings.”

How to make someone confess their feelings; if you want, you are free to use some of the tips described in astrology. Of course, they are not necessarily guaranteeing that he is going to open his secret. However, it will help you to know his feelings. This is going to bring you to a better position. You have to be patient and properly use the mantra.

Kamdev’s Mantr- Na-mo Na-mo Aa-de-sh Guru. Raja Moh, Pra-ja Moh, Mohu Bram-han: Bani-ya. Jagat Mohu to Hanu-man-tu-ru-pa mohu Ram-Chan-dra Mani Mo-ha-ye. Guru ki Sha-kati Meri Bha-kti Ku-ru man-tra Ishwar vach.

Method- If you want to get your lover as a life partner, chanting the above mentioned Kamdev mantra is very fruitful. This mantra will help you to feel comfortable with opening up on an emotional level. Of course, this is not a very easy task, but it is possible with proper mantra use.

As you know, there are many emotional layers within a person. However, if you constantly try, you can systematically break down the emotional layer walls. Chanting the appropriate mantra increases attraction of your lover towards you. Your lover will express his feelings in front of you.

Totke To Get Someone To Tell The Truth About Cheating

Totke To Get Someone To Tell The Truth About Cheating, Many times in life, it happens that someone close to us cheats on us. Sometimes lovers cheat on their partner. Cheating completely breaks a person’s heart. If you also have gone through such a situation in your life and want to know why he/she has cheated on you, you are in the right place. Today we will know about Totke to get someone to tell the truth about cheating.’

  • If you want to know the reason for cheating by someone, then on the day of Diwali, burn five black pepper in Diwali’s Diya by taking the person’s name.
  • After that, chant the Beej Mantra 108 times – Om Hling Kling Cha-mun-daa ye Vik-ch-chaye Na-mah. 
  • With this Beej Mantra’s immediate effect, the concerned person will share with you all the truth.
  • If you feel that your husband is cheating on you, then you must try this totka to accept and stop the husband from cheating.
  • You have to do a very easy job whenever you give your husband to drink water, chant the Chamundi mantra 108 times and blow on the glass of water.
  • Now give this water to the husband to drink. By drinking this water, your husband will accept all his sins.

Hypnosis is an ancient art. These are very powerful disciplines. If these mantras are used in good deeds, then these mantras are quite effective. Hopefully, you, too, will use the hypnosis mantras mentioned in the article only in good deeds.

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